hasraton asked: hahah girl you got me :p you know well

Merve, you were literally liking and reblogging posts as you wrote me

Anonymous asked: ohh come onnn GUESSSSSSS

DA ONE AND ONLY MERVIEEEEEEEEEE! My most loyal fan hahaha

Anonymous asked: favourite bollywood movie?

This is always so hard. I’m surprised every time someone asks me this at how difficult it is to answer.

I’ll give you a top 5:

  • Love Aaj Kal
  • Aisha
  • Devdas
  • Jodhaa Akbar
  • Ram-Leela
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Anonymous asked: got a boyfriend?

No, I am single, foot loose and fancy free!

Actually I’m casually dating a few people atm, but nothing serious. Womp. Meeting new boys is challenging, mostly in that the ones I find generally suck.

Anonymous asked: I miss you Francy, guess who I am?

I can see you trolling on my blog rn, you goose!


Go into my Ask and post whatever you want and I’ll answer. Anon or not.

It (music) is a combination of many things. It’s a form of personal expression. It could also mean sharing emotions, thoughts and celebrating things together. Music has helped me open up emotionally in terms of communicating with people. My relationships with people take long to form. I don’t open up easily. Music has let me get on stage and interact with a large number of people. It has helped me to let go of my inhibitions and just be myself.
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Anonymous asked: i really enjoyed kareena in jab we met, but doesn't she just play a mpdg in that movie



Manic? Yes. Pixie? Meh. Dream girl? Only if you have an ample supply of Adderall on hand at all times.

The big difference is that Geet has a story arc and learns and grows. The stereotypical MPDG is only there to inspire the dude, and often disappears at the end (sometimes she dies, sometimes the couple breaks up).

Geet seems like a MPDG, but then she has an actual story. Her relationship doesn’t work out, she goes off to be a teacher, far away from her family…  And then is able to meet up with Aditya at the end. But only after she’s grown and changed.

Geet and Aditya are both dyanmic characters who change during the movie.

God I love Jab We Met. 


Thinking further, where is there a true MPDG in mainstream Hindi cinema.. ?


He looked sooo dishy in this scene!



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